Executive Team

With over 100 employees, we’re equipped to handle all your needs, any time of day. Meet the 20/20 Tax Resolution Executive Team.

Brian Biffle, EA, MBA


At 20/20: I handle the management of the business.


Industry experience: Since 1996.

Before 20/20: I worked for another financial services company where I managed 40-50 client files of debt-ridden businesses. I also worked for First Tennessee Bank in Memphis, TN.

Piece of advice: The IRS or state will be much more agreeable if you’re making your current payments regardless of what your debt is.

Little-known fact(s): I have a private pilot’s license, and I was awarded CNNSI.com Owner of the Year for Soccer in 2001, when I co-founded the Colorado Rapids U-23, a semi-professional soccer team. I also volunteer with Senior Alternatives in Transportation (SAINT) by providing personal transportation to seniors that are unable to drive. I’m an Enrolled Agent (EA) and have an MBA from University of Colorado. Additionally, I’m a member of the National Association of Enrolled Agents (NAEA), Colorado Society of Enrolled Agents (CoSea), and the National Association for Tax Professionals (NATP).

David Miles, EA


At 20/20:  While my focus is on the growth of our strategic alliances, I wear a few hats at 20/20. This includes leading our customer service effort as well as our continuing education programs. 

Success story: Before my current role I did case work for 18 years helping clients find the best resolutions possible.  Over the years, I’ve shared a number of great experiences with my clients. The best feeling was always presenting an outcome the client did not think was possible.

Industry experience: Since 1997.

Before 20/20: I worked in retail before transitioning to managing taxes for others. After working cases for a resolution firm for two years, I arrived at 20/20 in 2001.

Piece of advice: Get help. Even under the best circumstances a taxpayer needs to remember that the IRS or state agent is working for their respective government.  Taxpayers deserve someone advocating for their best interests.

Little-known fact(s): I’m quite the homebody. I enjoy work and love activity, but there’s nothing like being around the house, working in the yard with my wife and kids.


Richard Davidson, EA

VP, Resolutions

At 20/20: I manage the consulting side of the business.

Success story: Any time the taxing authority wrongfully tries to steamroll a client and we put an end to it, I’m particularly satisfied.

Industry experience: Since 1997.

Before 20/20: I worked for another financial consulting company. I was also the co-founder of Meditrac, Inc., a healthcare company responsible for ensuring that people take their medications properly. Before that, I worked as a commercial litigation attorney for a number of years at firms in Chicago and Detroit.

Piece of advice: In order to achieve the best possible outcome, you need to be honest and forthcoming, no matter how bad or embarrassing the situation is.

Little-known fact(s): I’m a mentor for Colorado Youth at Risk. The program entails working one-on-one with a 9th grader to provide the support they may need to graduate from high school. The work I have done with this organization has made me a better husband, parent and manager.


Rob Fineman, EA

VP, Business Development

At 20/20: I manage the business development department and am also an Enrolled Agent.

At 20/20: I manage the business development department and am also an Enrolled Agent.

Success story: I had a client who would confide in me about her sick husband. It always made me feel good that we not only helped her with her tax problems but also with what she was going through at the time.

Industry experience: Since 2000.

Before 20/20: I worked in a family business (small supermarket/butcher shop) in Philly since I was a little kid. I also worked at Klaff’s, (home design business in CT), managing their wholesale location for about 12 years.

Piece of advice: Don’t procrastinate.

Little-known fact(s): I used to perform magic shows for orphanages and nursing homes. I also used to put on a mean haunted house in my basement every year. I am currently a volunteer with Jewish Family Service (JFS) and assist by visiting with seniors.


Bari Tutino

VP, Operations

At 20/20: I manage the research and development team and daily operations.

Success story: My position at 20/20 has allowed me to coordinate altruistic activities that have benefited local charitable organizations.

Industry experience: Since 2006.

Before 20/20: After graduating from the University of Colorado I worked in commercial real estate in Boulder, CO.

Piece of advice: If you want to progress in life, you have to push through barriers instead of running from them. It’s okay to get guidance from someone who is more knowledgeable than you are on a particular topic.

Little-known fact(s): I tap danced down 34th St in Manhattan in Macy’s Tap-O-Mania event to break a Guinness Book of World Records for “The world’s largest assembly of tap dancers to dance a single routine.”