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When you are facing a tax debt issue, it is essential that you choose a representative organization that will work with you and the Taxing Authorities to develop a strategy you can manage. We understand that it is common practice for businesses and individuals to pay particular attention to online reviews made by various consumers before choosing a company to partner with. However, being able to spot a real review versus a phony review can be tricky.

Above all, you want to ensure the company that represents you is reputable and trustworthy. While there are a variety of criteria you should take into account, we advise you to always proceed with caution when evaluating any reviews posted on the internet. A few things to consider:

  • There are various internet forums that exist solely to hurt a company’s online reputation for profit. Be sure to research the platform from which the reviews you are reading are being generated.
  • Check out the dates and authors of the reviews. If there are multiple reviews posted by the same author over a short period of time, a red flag should be raised.
  • Keep an eye out for reviewers that remain anonymous or use an alias.
  • Look for the company’s response to the review. Chances are the company will respond to negative reviews only when the reviewing site is credible in order to address feedback directly with the unsatisfied customer.

One great tool for learning more about a company is speaking with former clients. These individuals have been in your shoes and can typically offer up great insight. To request a reference list from 20/20 Tax Resolution, please contact us today. We have helped thousands of clients over the years that had their lives changed for the better once they decided to partner with us – see more examples in your state, here.

In an effort to help you weed out the misleading online reviews made against our company, we’ve compiled a list of fake reviews that we found were created to place 20/20 Tax Resolution in a negative light. While this type of cyber bullying is unethical, our goal is to be upfront and honest about the inaccurate comments that you may run into when conducting your due diligence on our company. To further your research, read through some credible reviews from 20/20’s current and former clients that have been posted to our Better Business Bureau page by clicking here.

You’ve taken the right steps by turning to 20/20 Tax Resolution. For more information regarding your tax debt issue, you can always speak to one of our tax experts. Connect with a tax expert to learn more about your situation and options.

Review Title Complaint
Host Site
Reviewer Consensus Insights
8/16/2011 2020 tax resolution // scam company Pissed Consumer Anonymous fake N/A
8/13/2011 Received a letter today from the crooks said “a” state had filed a tax lien against me for $38,538 Pissed Consumer Anonymous fake No letter for that lien amount was ever sent out on that date
9/10/2010 2020 is a fraudulent organization Pissed Consumer Anonymous fake The individual who posted this comment was a former employee of 20/20 Tax Resolution that went to work for another company.
Some particular information in this review is patently false. i.e., the tax professionals at 20/20 are either Enrolled Agents and/or Attorneys,
our clients do not pay us a “retainer,” we do not bill hourly, and there is and has never been a ‘Special Agent Benjamin Hopping’ on the Denver
IRS Campus.
4/8/2010 20 20 Financial Services, 20 20 Tax Resolution, 20/20 Financial Services, Boulder, CO,, SCAM,
TAX SCAM Boulder, Colorado
Rip Off Report Payback fake The individual who posted this comment was never a client of 20/20 Tax Resolution. Rather, an online reputation consultant hired by a competitor of 20/20.
This information was obtained after spending large sums of money on attorneys and filing motions within the Federal court system with the goal of
identifying the individual responsible for creating this particular post.