20/20 Celebrates 15 Years of Excellence

This August 20/20 Tax Resolution, a Broomfield, Colorado based tax resolution company, celebrates its 15 year anniversary. Founded in 1998, 20/20 Tax Resolution has devoted itself to providing exceptional, compassionate and comprehensive tax resolution services to businesses and individuals across the nation. Over the years, 20/20 has negotiated successful tax resolutions for over 15,000 clients, saving them untold millions and helping them to get back into compliance with state and federal tax agencies.

Since the company’s inception in 1998, 20/20 Tax Resolution has worked to become a leader in the difficult and confusing tax resolution industry. Brian Biffle, President and Founder of 20/20 Tax Resolution explained, “20/20 was founded to provide ethical and effective tax resolution services to businesses and individuals throughout the US. In an industry of noise, confusion and less than reputable representatives, we wanted to be a beacon of integrity and a leader in innovation.”

The company’s dedication to these principles is evident not only by their reputation within the industry, but also by the care and compassion they afford their clients. Rob Fineman, Vice President of Business Development, revealed one of his favorite memories from the last 15 years, “In helping out an elderly client with her tax issues, I found out that her husband was terminally ill. Helping her through not only her tax issues, but her husband’s health issues while seeing how 20/20 treated her with kindness and compassion helped me realize that I work at the best tax negotiation company in the country.”

Over the years, 20/20 has continued to hold true to these founding principles, which have set them apart from the competition. When asked to define what has elevated the company above their competitors, Richard Davidson, Vice President of Resolutions, answered, “Our commitment to excellence. It sounds like a cliché, but we hold all of our people to a higher standard than our competitors. We only promise what we can do and we always try and outperform our clients’ expectations. We are straightforward with our employees and let them know what’s going on. We try to treat people with respect and give them the tools to succeed.”

David Miles, one of 20/20’s Enrolled Agents and a 12 year veteran of the company added, “20/20’s success is the result of our employees. Our structure relies on strong, independent employees doing great work. Our management allows our employees to thrive on their own with their own style. It’s a remarkable thing in a company when two people can do a job very differently but because of equal success they’re both celebrated with equal regard.”

Looking ahead to the next 15 years, 20/20’s President, Brian Biffle said, “I don’t know what the next 15 years look like, but as far as the next five, I would say we will continue to improve everything we have created here and continue to be the leader in the industry for the foreseeable future, providing our clients great service, living a culture of success and enjoyment and giving the industry a company to emulate.”