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Bari Tutino

BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT MANAGER At 20/20: I manage the research and development team. Success story: My position at 20/20 has allowed me to coordinate altruistic activities that have benefited local charitable organizations. Industry experience: Since 2006. Before 20/20: After graduating from the University of Colorado I worked in commercial real estate in Boulder, CO. Piece of advice: … Continue reading Bari Tutino »

IRS Warns of Latest Phone Scam

If you ever receive a phone call from a person that claims to be an IRS employee, don’t immediately engage in a conversation about your taxes. In particular, the IRS Acting Commissioner, Mr. Danny Werfel, has just warned American taxpayers about an ongoing telephone scam that has already affected people all over the country. It … Continue reading IRS Warns of Latest Phone Scam »


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20/20 has successfully negotiated thousands of resolutions for clients. Read about successful resolutions in Florida … Continue reading »