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David Miles, EA

VICE PRESIDENT At 20/20:  While my focus is on the growth of our strategic alliances, I wear a few hats at 20/20. This includes leading our customer service effort as well as our continuing education programs.  Success story: Before my current role I did case work for 18 years helping clients find the best resolutions possible.  … Continue reading David Miles, EA »

When and How to File an Amended Return

Every now and then after a filing your Individual Income Tax Return, Form 1040, you may recognize a mistake that was made, or something that was accidentally left off of the return. When this happens, an amended return should be filed to correct the mistake or make the change. If you notice a mathematical error … Continue reading When and How to File an Amended Return »

New York

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20/20 has successfully negotiated thousands of resolutions for clients. Read about successful resolutions in New York … Continue reading »