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Rick Temple, EA

Rick is an Enrolled Agent (EA), with over five years of taxpayer consultation experience. He has a Bachelor’s of political science from the University of Georgia and a minor in Spanish.  Rick is also director of the Spanish marketing department. He is a member of the National Association of Enrolled Agents (NAEA) and the Colorado Society of Enrolled … Continue reading Rick Temple, EA »

Tax Tip: What to do post resolution

Whew! You made it through to the other side! Congratulations on navigating the difficult maze of regulations, processes and emotions to successfully finalize a resolution to your tax problems. Time to relax, forget about the past and move on to a better future, right? Well, not exactly. During 20/20’s two decades of working with clients, … Continue reading Tax Tip: What to do post resolution »


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20/20 has successfully negotiated thousands of resolutions for clients. Read about successful resolutions in Kentucky … Continue reading »