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Richard L. Davidson, J.D., EA

Richard Davidson is the Vice President of Resolutions at 20/20 Tax Resolution. Richard has a Bachelor’s of business administration from the University of Michigan and earned his Juris Doctor from New York University. He is also an Enrolled Agent who has been a taxpayer representative for the past fifteen years. He is a member of … Continue reading Richard L. Davidson, J.D., EA »

IRS – We’re Back!

Not that the Service stopped collections completely during the government shutdown that lasted for  more than two weeks, but it definitely has not pulled the expected amount of back taxes. In addition, as of today, billions of dollars of refunds have to be paid to individuals and businesses in America. What does this mean to … Continue reading IRS – We’re Back! »


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20/20 has successfully negotiated thousands of resolutions for clients. Read about successful resolutions in Texas … Continue reading »